Item Coversheet
  item type   Action Items Requiring Discussion   meeting date 8/26/2020
  prepared by Budget and Performance Measurement  approved by  City Manager
  board approval         N/A  final vote
  strategic objective    Fiscal Stewardship
Discussion of Commission Budget Suggestions FY 21

motion / recommendation

Review and approve/reject staff and commission suggestions for budget adjustment.


Each year during the budget process, suggestions for changes to the proposed budget are brought forward by the Commission and staff. Attached to this item is a matrix of suggested changes that have been received as well as the staff options presented on how to address the revenue shortfall created by lower than expected state revenue estimates.  


In addition to the items included on the matrix the CRA Agency at its August 12th meeting approved creating a business assistance fund of $500k from cash reserves to address economic recovery solutions as the city emerges from the pandemic. Disbursal of these funds will still go through city board and CRA Agency approval processes. In addition, the CRA budget also included $20k for the Woman’s Club that was not included in the original proposed budget.

alternatives / other considerations

fiscal impact

The state estimates will reduce revenues in the general fund by just under half of one percent or $294k. Further revisions to state estimates are possible but no new data has been released as of 8/18/20.

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